Sunny Gable – “Audience Of One”

Sunny Gable is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is based out of Southwest Colorado, finding solitude and quiet to be the perfect accompaniment to her growing catalog of original music. “Her sound harkens back to a simpler time, often telling stories you might find in history books while evoking emotions that are real and universal.” On Friday November 29th, 2019, Sunny released her premier solo EP, “Audience of One”.


The first song off “Audience of One” is “Rise” a track that has a traditional feel with layers of acoustic instruments providing the melodic backbone for a soulful voice blended with gospel inspired harmonies and classic story telling. “How To Catch A Northern Star” has a darker feel to it with a country beat and minor chords taking you through the steady rhythm to match the cool vocal style. The catchy chorus and smooth violin lead give the song a peaceful and thoughtful flavor. “One Of These Days” has a slower tempo and is started by a chunky slide guitar. The picking style of the acoustic is that of a romantic 50’s love song, and the lyrics perfectly match with their own unique style. Gable’s voice never ceases to be full of soul and honesty. The next song “Old 88” has powerful vocal harmonies and a steady beat that gives the track a cool and mysterious quality to contrast her peaceful and soothing voice. The lyrics have traditional American story telling and phrases that connect with anyone listening.


The title track “Audience Of One” has a cool and mellow rhythm to match its emotional sound and writing style. String sections give the song a giant sound to the pleasant melody. The lyrics are honest and reflective, showing Gable’s unique voice and gives you a glimpse into her perspective. “Battle Cry” utilizes rhythms and sounds from another time, starting with a military style beat and then dropping into a steady and cool groove with an upbeat bob and steady rhythm. The slide guitar gives it a dirty southern swagger to match. Instruments trade off leads as was customary is classic bluegrass and country outfits from old barn dances. “Pieces Of Me” slows it back down to a touching and emotive tone with a unique sound. She bounces between two distinct chord structures, smoothly taking the song through different styles and feelings. The album ends with “Sweeter Than A Song (Finn’s Lullaby)” a song that fills you with a peaceful feeling and a touching message to a beloved child. Watching someone grow and become who they are, and the love that comes from having them around.

“Audience Of One” is full of traditional American music influences and a classic instrumental backbone that perfectly matches the story telling and personal lyricism Sunny provides. Her unique perspective and writing style brings these customary designs into a new realm and ensures that Gable maintains her own voice throughout. You can listen to “Audience of One” and follow Sunny Gable on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Sunny and share this music with everyone you know.

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