Savage Moments – “Rainbow Eyes”

Savage Moods is a rock trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They combine hard rock, alternative rock, funk, and more in their unique sound. The band consists of Benjamin Hovorka on guitar and vocals, bassist Jimmy Osterholt, and Anthony Gore on drums. “Combination virtuosic and reckless punk instrumentation throughout, especially the funky bass and spacy, out-there guitar work. That’s not to leave out drummer Anthony Gore, whose heavy backing gives each song its foundation.”


In 2016 they released the 9-track album “Death Ray” featuring the songs “Furious Woman”, “Too Much”, and “Namaste You Fuck”. They followed this up with the “Wizard of Pain” EP in 2019 and most recently the 12-track “Dark Matter” featuring the song “Rainbow Eyes”.


“Rainbow Eyes” begins with a handful of methodically laid out guitar chords and a super fuzzy bass. The full band kicks in with a punchy drum beat and poppy melody backing up the smooth and cool vocals. They have a 60’s brit-pop sound mixed with a harder punky American edge. The sound is exploding with energy as they head into a more intense sound, keeping the feeling going strong throughout the verses and chorus. The vocals have a swagger and attitude to them that perfectly adds to the feeling of the music and style of the band. The foundation underneath all of the aggressive bass lines and gigantic guitar chords is a skillfully crafted song written with heart and catchy pop-rock sensibilities, delivered with a hard punch and top notch musicianship. The song is guaranteed to get a crowd fanatically jumping and singing along to its magnetic chorus and inescapable energy. You can listen to “Rainbow Eyes” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Savage Moments on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Savage Moments and share this music with everyone you know.

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