Sean Lee – “Never Will”

Sean Lee is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter who has a unique voice in the rock/powerpop/Americana genre. His debut album “Stop Gap” was released in 1999, and in 2001 he put out the 8-track album, “The Earth Is Hollow”. 2007 saw the release of “Two Amp Songs”. Sean, who is a Konsonant artist, has had songs featured on NAT GEO, Animal Planet, STARZ, and MTV. On May 10th Lee released his fourth album “Mocked Up”, a collaboration with Ben Folds’ sound designer Leo Overtoom. Recorded at home with a laptop and a couple of guitars, “Mocked Up” is a collection of deeply personal songs that catalog the process of reinvention after divorce, his father’s death, and a lifelong struggle with depression. One of the standout tracks on “Mocked Up” is the song “Never Will”.

3a375e_b77be70bcdc34c9fb64e9dc4d3aff45c~mv2_d_5472_3648_s_4_2“Never Will” wastes no time and kicks right in with upbeat drums, a pulsating bass line and layers of sharp guitars. The vocals have a raw emotion to them that give the song a personal touch. The song has a country vibe mixed with harder rock n’ roll and classic song writing, vocal harmonies and giant guitar chords adding thickness to the sound. Lyrically, Lee delivers phrases reflecting on memories and opening himself up to show a deeply personal side.

3a375e_b7dd86a464974260a3227ae16c509f12The song has a mellow but incredibly catchy chorus, showcasing Lee’s smooth and confident style and the calming effect his music can have. The bridge drops into a beautifully poppy section filled with percussive and melodic guitar notes and vocal harmonies, tastefully leading back into the hook of the song. This track utilizes skilled songwriting and has the bravery to tell a personal story, creating an emotional and unique piece of work. You can listen to “Never Will” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and follow Sean Lee on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Sean and share this music with everyone you know.

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