Break Fate – “Ferocity”

Break Fate is a London based alternative/pop punk trio who have quickly earned a strong following of over 17K monthly listeners on Spotify with their unique style and the undeniable passion they put into their work. The band was formed in late 2017 by lead vocalist Mashana and lead guitarist Ricky. Drummer Oliver joined them a couple months later, and like the final missing piece to the puzzle, the band was complete. In 2018 Break Fate released two songs, “Miraculous” and “Blackout”. They started off 2020 strong, in February they put out the single “Fire” which has been streamed more than 12K times to date, and followed up with April’s release “Fog”. This was all building up to May 1st, 2020 when Break Fate unleashed their debut album on the world; “Ferocity”. It is described as “An album built by three dudes trying to give hope to a hopeless world. Packed with themes of growing up, self doubt, heartbreak and a dash of existential crisis.”


“Ferocity” begins with the title track, an artistic introduction that goes from ethereal beauty and builds to an epic conclusion, setting the vibe for the rest of the album. The next track “Fire” wastes no time and kicks right into the intense rhythm driven by Oliver’s thunderous drums. Layers of heavy guitars and other tones create a gigantic sonic landscape for Mashana’s powerful vocals. The band takes the sound through different changes and energies before heading into one of the most dramatic and explosive musical build-ups you’ve ever heard. The next song, “Miraculous”, leads things into a more mellow direction, led off by beautiful guitar chords that still have a bit of a punk attitude. The drums have a steady bounce to them, making sure the slower tempo maintains a strong drive. Lyrically the track tackles themes many can relate to. They are reflective and honest, discussing subjects that are sometimes difficult to address, but the band uses their art to deal with those feelings in a way that is sure to bring hope and comfort to their listeners. “Sorry I Missed Your Call” utilizes that all too familiar sound from the phone, followed by Mashana with a poignant A cappella verse before his band joins in. They start progressively turning up the intensity of the music, giving a constant feeling that we are building toward something together, finally breaking into the larger than life chorus. “Hang” has an upbeat feel to it, with Ricky’s unique and melodic guitar chords laying down a thoughtful atmosphere, the band plays with dynamics leaving enough space to make all of the musical elements impactful. “Blackout” gets right at your heartstrings with its beautifully emotional flavor and tasteful vocal harmonies, then it jumps into a hard hitting beat that nicely plays off of the dreamy beginning. The band describes the next song “Fog” as “A punchy, joy ride, rock-anthem about overcoming your anxieties and self doubt”. “Broken Key” is very cleverly written and smoothly blends punk and hardcore genres with a incredibly catchy pop hooks. “Out Loud” brings in an acoustic guitar along with an intricate drum pattern that gives it an almost traditional folk feel. It then it kicks into high gear with their heavy dramatic sound, and another larger than life finish. The album comes to a conclusion with “Ender”, an intense and intricate rhythm that showcases Oliver’s drumming skills. The guitars layer simple melodies to create a dynamic and complex sound. The lead vocals are raw and emotional putting everything out there 100%, true genuine passion in each and every line.


“The band is evolving everyday and reaching more people to prepare them for the album. Evolve with us and join our journey.” “Ferocity” is available right now on Spotify.

You can also listen to “Fire” on our Prime Cuts Playlists and follow Break Fate on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Break Fate and share this music with everyone you know.

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