Knuckle Pups – “Bottom Baby”

Knuckle Pups are a “soda punk” band from Denver consisting of Tomas Campos on drums, Olivia Hendrick on omnichord, synth, and percussion, Chelo Aguirre on bass, lead guitar, and percussion, guitarist Chloe Greene and Oliver Holloway on rhythm baritone guitar, and percussion with all members contributing vocals. They bring a DIY principle to melodic poppy punk songs. Songwriter Oliver Holloway crafts thoughtful and lighthearted lyrics. The calculated yet simple arrangements of the band serve as an emotional reflection of the raw lyrical subjects. They have songs that effortlessly traverse between sweet indie-pop hooks to swelling punk crescendos. Their debut release, “San Panino”, a 4 song cassette is out on Wild Baby Records.


In January 2019 they released a video for the song “Bottom Baby”. Directed by Jamon Tolbert, the “Bottom Baby” video shows the band performing live in the storage unit where they rehearse, giving viewers a taste of what the band looks like on stage. The song has a mellow and super cool vibe right off the bat, minimalist approach creates a stylish tone. The beautifully blended female vocals add an angelic angle to the grittier sound of the music. They build into a rocking gigantic section before smoothly dropping back into the verse, perfectly executing the loud-quiet-loud method of bands like the Pixies. Wonderfully simple pieces placed perfectly together to create a powerful and moving song.


You can listen to “Bottom Baby” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Knuckle Pups on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Knuckle Pups and share this music with everyone you know.

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