Our Man In The Field – “Thin (I Used To Be Bullet Proof)”

Our Man In The Field is the brain child of musician and songwriter Alexander Ellis. He finds inspiration for his music from his travels and life experiences, crafting them into familiar and personal songs. He embraces the styles of alt-Americana and Caledonian soul artists like Van Morrison, Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Wilco. With a band of pedal steel, guitar, banjo, upright bass and drums, Our Man In The Field creates a full and rich musical sound. His own sound is indefinable yet familiar- it’s introspective, intimate and deeply soulful. In July 2020, Our Man In The Field released the single “Thin (I Used To Be Bullet Proof)”.


The song has a peaceful and mellow vibe, with heavenly pedal steel guitars and comforting percussion. Ellis’s voice has a soft passion that tips its toe into a falsetto range, adding even more tranquility to the sound. The song is perfectly structured in a way that moves along through the changes seamlessly, falling gently into the chorus. Dramatic chord changes and string sections progressively add depth to the track.

“I wrote it from the point of view of a person looking back at their life and recognising how time has changed them. In the beginning, they are dictating a letter to someone. The words in the letter are the words of the chorus and the letter is to explain what the person is about to do. I wanted to leave that part open so the person could be leaving a job or a place or any situation and the listener can make it whatever they want. To me, the person in the song has realised that there is still time left to change their circumstances and get back to who they used to be. I’ve known a lot of people who have followed the traditional path of school, university 9-5 job – but then realised that they spend most of their life doing something they don’t like and missed out on so much. Most people don’t want to take a risk and change their situation and for some, it’s impossible not to once they realise.”

A traditional sound with modern production, “Thin” utilizes the best of all worlds and shows Alexander Ellis’s skills as a songwriter and musician. You can listen to “Thin (I Used To Be Bullet Proof)” on our Prime Cuts playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Our Man In The Field on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Our Man In The Field and share this music with everyone you know.

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