Anna Öberg – “Idiot”

Anna Öberg has been a composer and musician in various bands since the 80’s. First in her birthplace Helsingborg and then in her hometown Gothenburg. Synth- and string-based band Ladomir was her musical base for a long time. Her first solo album, “Härsknar“, was nominated in the category Best Synth at the Manifestgala for independent music in 2018. Anna Öberg & Härsk has made about 20 live shows in Sweden since the last album, “Vafan har jag gjort!“, was released and more will come!

“Varelser inuti” is Anna Öberg’s third solo album. With a backbone of Anna’s distinctive melodies and ingenious Swedish lyrics, you travel through the songs’ different moods. The cover’s X-ray image and the album’s title invite an exciting train of thoughts. What creatures will we meet in this electronic journey through pop, synth and industrial music?

As usual, Charles Storm is the producer. Together with Anna, he has built modern soundscapes with the help of analogue synths from the 80s. The album was recorded in the spring of 2020 and will be released on November 6 on both CD and Vinyl. The CD also contains ”Du fick aldrig mina ögon” and ”Skorna står kvar”. Two songs that previously only existed on a digital single.

The opening track on the album is “Idiot”. The poppy and uplifting melody comes through with layers of synths and dreamy tones. The drums give the track blistering energy, dropping into the super cool verses. Anna shifts moods with her different chord structures and melodies, going from a dark and mysterious verse into a jubilant chorus. The production has a modern feel to the classic 80’s synth sound, and Anna’s vocals are steaming with passion and attitude. The chorus is a catchy anthem that will have your head bopping all day. Many layers of instrumentation are all simplified enough and work so well together, everything is right in the pocket. “Varelser inuti” will be released as both CD and LP on Xenophone International, the renowned Gothenburg record company, which has released artists like Twice a Man and Lars Falk. Follow Anna Öberg on the links below and please continue to support artists like Anna and share this music with everyone you know.

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