John McCabe – “On the Other Hand”

John McCabe is a musician/singer/songwriter/artist born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. John then split his youth between Hopkins, MN and San Diego, CA. After stops in Sydney, and Oakland, McCabesettled in Orange County, California in 2001. His debut EP, “Flower Circle”, was recorded and produced at Janky East Studios in Los Angeles and released in 2017. Johnalso continues to write & perform with Engine Trouble, a band he co-founded with Don Erikson. We have featured four of his tracks, “Every Night”“Winter”“Careless Noise”, and “April”. In May 2019, McCabe released his second EP, “These Years”. On March 17th “Here Comes the Rain was released on all digital streaming platforms. McCabe is back with a brand new EP called “What For”.

“I did this one slightly differently; given the social distancing, etc. I self-produced and engineered in my home studio. I perform everything and did all drum design / percussion. I did get a chance to work with John Kimbrough again, he did bass on a 4 of the tunes.  I used El Kabong (Washington, DC) for mixing and Jason Deift for Mastering.  Overall, it’s got a pretty decent sheen.”

The EP starts off with a sonic rumble before an up-tempo and uplifting tone sets in. The guitar driven melody is super chill and smooth, McCabe’s unique voice, settling perfectly on top of the patient chords. It all leads to a giant chorus full of strong vocals and classic instrumentation, complete with a catchy melodic hook made of thoughtful lyrics. While the song has a full sound, the guitar and bass parts never lose their straightforward pop simplicity; each riff is precise and right in the pocket. The production gives a very clean sound to a traditional styled pop/rock song that’s equal parts peaceful and meaningful. You can listen to “On the Other Hand” on our Prime Cuts Playlists and follow John McCabe on the links below. Please continue to support artists like John and share this music with everyone you know.

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