Mauri Dark – “Thin Line of Understanding”

Mauri Dark is an experienced singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, established musician and a professional visual artist Based in Turku, Finland. He has been on 8 albums and played over 500 shows during his 25 year career with several different bands and is best known for 5 albums with metal duo Mystons. Dark’s first solo album “Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Man” has a story behind it. 

“The songs and lyrics were made amidst the changes of breaking up from a 7-year relationship, my mother’s death of cancer, and finding happiness again, getting married, having a firstborn daughter and making music.” For his self-produced-recorded-performed solo album, Dark got to work with his dream audio team. Associate producer Jussi Vuola is a band mate and a musical blood brother. Mixing engineer / associate producer Hiili Hiilesmaa is famous for his work with HIM, Apocalyptica and Amorphis, and Vlado Meller who has previously mastered albums for Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Michael Jackson. One of the standout songs on the 10-track album is “Thin Line of Understanding”.

A peaceful acoustic guitar lays down a catchy melody before being joined by Mauri’s deep and powerful voice, creating a feeling of sadness mixed with beauty. The song progresses and adds more instrumentation, creating a large and prevailing sound, personal and profound lyrics conveying a story and the thoughts about those experiences. He diverts to a piano led section, taking the song in a different direction before smoothly segueing back into the chorus. Dark’s voice is so prominent and close you can feel the emotions in every word. The songs feeling and atmosphere stick with you long after the song is over. Mauri’s deeply intimate words tell his own story, but it’s a story that anyone who has experienced similar events can connect to, art like this is what helps people navigate through those tough times. 

“Dreams Of A Middle-Aged Manis the record I have always wanted to make, Mauri Dark says. “It is an emotional, honest and sincere acoustic album full of moods and stories in the spirit of Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake, and polished by the finest audio professionals and equipment in the spirit of the old times when albums were made to last.” You can listen to “Thin Line of Understanding” on our Prime Cuts Playlist and follow Mauri Dark on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Mauri and share this music with everyone you know.

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