RubyGld Smoke – “Highway of Love”

RubyGld Smoke is the creative power couple of Terrance and Dani Jo Williams. Along with creating their original brand of pop/soul music, they are the entrepreneurs of Quiet Kingdom Recordingsand the film company Quiet Kingdom Media Group. The duo is also the founder of Symphony Of Change Inc, an arts education organization dedicated to equitable arts enrichment programs throughout the US. 

After meeting in early 2014, the couple combined their creative forces for Terrence’s initial solo career, garnering over 3 million streamswith hits like “Gettin Mo Money Than You” and “Melanin”. Throughout the entirety of T.L.’s 6 album solo run Dani Jo was a behind-the-scenes contributor, co-writing songs and adding vocals. Feeling that it’s finally the right time, Terrence and Dani Jo are stepping out front together as RubyGld Smoke and released their debut album “Revolutionary Love” on their label Quiet Kingdom Recordings in November 2020. The album was followed up with the December 10th release of the video for “Highway of Love”, directed by RubyGld Smoke and produced by their award-winning film company Quiet Kingdom Media Group with cinematography by Korrigan Agen. The song is about exploring the journey of dating and searching for the truly right people. The visual portrays the story of two people on their own journeys. “Sometimes we find our way and other times we’re still searching,” says RubyGld Smoke. “No matter what it’s your journey.” 

The video begins with a screen divided down the middle, Terrance on the left and Dani Jo on the right. A melancholy yet beautiful jazzy guitar line sets the tone before the powerful beat kicks in. Subtle layers of strings and classy piano riffs add different dimensions to the intoxicating groove. They blend intense levels of soul with a rhythmic and catchy hook, trading off vocals showing two sides to the story. The chorus hits an epic level of drama before dropping back into the soft melody we were introduced with, making the track rather theatrical and skillfully using production to make these moments incredibly dynamic. The video does a brilliant job of showcasing both artists perform both in their singing and in their silence. While one takes the lead, the other continues to captivate the audience using facial expressions and body language, the slow motion making all of these communications more impactful. This track has the perfect balance of sadness and beauty, and a personal touch that will connect to any listener. You can listen to “Highway of Love” on our Prime Cuts Playlist and follow RubyGld Smoke on the links below. Please continue to support artists like RubyGld Smoke and share this music with everyone you know.

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