Sophie Egan – “Imposter Syndrome”

Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where a person doubts their talents, skills, and accomplishments with fear of being exposed as a fraud. People can have imposter syndrome in any situation from work to friendships to hobbies. When San Francisco based pop singer-songwriter Sophie Egan learned of the term, it inspired her to write her latest single, “Imposter Syndrome” released December 10, 2020.

“I had never heard of it and realized I had felt like a fraud or an imposter so many times throughout my life,” says Egan. “Then I heard this melody in my head and started singing lyrics that ended up becoming both verses.” She immediately wrote down every thought she had and these thoughts ended up becoming the two verses of the song. Egan brought the song up to her home studio and started mapping the song on the chalkboard wall. Writing and producing all of the music with her brother Harry, they quickly put together a powerful track that not only has creatively unique lyrics, but also impactful and strategic production. “I wanted it to sound the way it feels to be aware of your imposter syndrome but not knowing how to stop it,” says Egan.

The song begins with spacey and moody chords, Egan’s strong and angelic voice floating above the music. The beat drops in and the song takes flight. Her rhyming and phrasing attaches to the meter in a catchy and unique way. The lyrics are incredibly honest and upfront about the feelings she is having and exploring the condition known as “Imposter Syndrome”. The music mixes several different styles forming an epic level of dreamy pop driven by powerful drums and filled with layers of echoes, synths and atmosphere. The intensity builds as Sophie makes a declarative and triumphant statement “Imposter Syndromes got me knocked down, but I wont let me drown.” It is a battle cry for anyone struggling to properly evaluate their own self worth, and a message that is extremely relatable in the social media age. The singer says, “It’s just an idea that is messing with you and it does not mean you are not capable of doing everything you want to do.” You can listen to “Imposter Syndrome” on our Prime Cuts Playlists and follow Sophie Egan on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Sophie and share this music with everyone you know.



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