The Impersonators – ‘Scarlett Hell’

The Impersonators are the prolific musical duo of musician/ songwriter Tommi Tikkaand lyricist Antti Autio. They continuously put out well-crafted and catchy songs that are as high in charisma as they are in quality. 

Their story begain with Tikka finding himself down in the dumps after the breakup of both a marriage and a band, in the middle of this crossroads he received a text from his friend Antti. The text was a poem titled “Ghost Town Radio”. “It was absolutely brilliant. I ran to my bedroom, got my acoustic guitar and wrote a melody to Antti’s lines. It was like lightning had struck.” And the Impersonators were born. 

In March 2021, the duo collected all the singles they’ve put out over the years and added four tracks to create the concept album, “a rock opera of sorts,” based on Tikka’s father’s and godfather’s lives, titeled ”Life Of Grant”. The album is their first full length release and was produced by Janne Saksa.

A standout track on “Life Of Grant” is the badass “Scarlett Hell”. The aggressive electric guitar punched through a wah pedal gives the song a bluesy 70’s vibe. The chorus achieves its massive impact with layers of horns and guitars that support the energizing lyrical pattern that has the classic pop hooks the band is known for. High levels of production help the song smoothly transition between spacey breakdowns, thumping choruses and straight funk jams. The vocals have a mellow and confident passion to them, knowing they are powerful without having to go overboard all the time. The lyrics pain the picture of a siren with an edge, who will get you under her spell, a story anyone can relate to. You can listen to ‘Scarlett Hell’ and follow The Impersonators on the links below. Please continue to support artists like The Impersonators and share this music with everyone you know.

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