Davy Williamson – ‘Thin Disguise’

Davy Williamson is a Wilmington North Carolina musician who has enjoyed his share of success as a founding member of the popular regional bands Third Class Passenger and Ma-Shot-Pa. Recently he has been living and performing in the Virgin Islands mostly as a solo act, and occasionally as a duo with a series of musical collaborators. Davy has also shared the stage with artists like Fuel’s Toryn Green and Paul Phillips of Puddle of Mudd

In 2020 Williamson released his debut solo single ‘Thin Disguise‘ which reached #1 on the iTunes Rock Songs chart in South Africa and got Davy featured on AP’s instagram stories and rave reviews from music press. Williamson has taken another step forward in his musical career with the release of his first solo EP, ‘Down By the Fire.

“Down By the Fire” is a collection of 8 songs written and performed by Davy, including his hit single ‘Thin Disguise’ and his newest one, which was also a #1 in South Africa ‘Cliché’. Williamson was co-producer on the EP along with Shawn Adkins of Back-A Round Records. Adkins handled mixing duties with Steve Hardy, and Andy Vandette did the mastering. 

‘Thin Disguise’ begins with a smooth guitar riff that chugs along before the full gigantic sound kicks in. The verses have a truckload of emotion to them and steadily build to an epic level. The track has patience that is very effective, there is a ton of space making the tasteful melodies and chord changes stand out. Williamson’s vocals have a raw passion to them and real personality. There is a familiarity to it while at the same time you feel like you’re getting to know him. The song rounds off with a skyrocketing, ripping guitar solo with genre blending riffs and techniques. It has enough of a mellow vibe and musicality to it that even people who don’t like hard rock music would enjoy it. While at the same time, the track is full of so much heavy instrumentation and badass attitude that the heaviest of metal fans will love it. You can listen to ‘Thin Disguise’ right now on our Prime Cuts Playlist. You can preorder “Down By the Fire” and follow Davy Williamson on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Davy and share this music with everyone you know.


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