The Watanabes – “Over Romantic”

The Watanabes are an indie duo consisting of two British brothers currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Their music beautifully blends elements of folk, pop, indie rock and more. They are about to release a new album titled “Spoiled and Nostalgic” featuring the song “Over Romantic”, a track that has been aired on BBC radio in the UK, and had extensive airplay in Japan on RakutenFM and InterFM.

“Over Romantic” starts as a simple acoustic piece with storybook like lyrics and harmonies very reminiscent of artists from the US folk boom of the 60s like Paul Simon and Donovan, among many others. As the song progresses, the periodical addition of more vocal harmonies and instruments, like simply and elegantly picking through electric guitar chords, leads to a powerfully moving transition while singing a perfectly relatable lyric “Chasing your love left me for dead”. These elements take the listener deeper as the track fully blooms.

2016-09-25-watanabes-45-1024x681As the sound fills in more and more, they never lose the simplistic folk style they began with, but they flawlessly give this classic style a modernized feel. “Over Romantic” is a great example of how a song can hook the listener immediately and move them to a new, surprising place. You can follow The Watanabes on the links below and listen to their new track “Over Romantic” on our Prime Cuts playlists on Spotify and Youtube. Please continue to support artists like The Watanabes and share this music with everyone you know.

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