Runabay – “Too Soon (Reverie)”


Runabay is a six-piece alternative indie folk group out of the The Glens of Antrim region of Northern Ireland. They began writing and recording in late December 2013 and have already achieved a long list of radio plays and have had their songs added to some high profile Spotify playlists, helping the band to grow a larger following by the day. In their new single “Too Soon”, Runabay successfully delivers an acoustically driven dreamy sound with tightened uplifting pop feel. Lyrically the song describes how life can throw some overwhelming obstacles your way, and sometimes the best move to make is to be patient and wait. A strong chorus that’s infectiously catchy sends you into an instrumental refrain full of layered guitars and stringed instruments then leading to a powerful final chorus full of rich harmonies. The end of the song gives the listener an optimistic attitude and an instant love for the band Runabay.


One of my favorite things about Ireland I noticed from my short time spent there was the deep love of music that you find in every pub and on every street corner. You can hear and feel that love in Runabay’s music and they will absolutely be an instant favorite for any fan. You can hear their single “Too Soon” in the links below and on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube. Please share this music with everyone you know.

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