Moonlight Social – “Make You Smile”

Moonlight Social is a Nashville based pop country duo made up of Jennica Scott and Jeremy Burchard. The two met while they were both members of The University of Texas Longhorn Band. Scott played trumpet and Burchard played the tenor drums on the drumline. Discovering their shared love of music, Jennica and Jeremy began collaborating on several projects including a cover of “Hotel California” by the Eagles that racked up more than 175,000 views on YouTube. The duo then formed Moonlight Social and released their debut album “Heading South” in 2012 to glowing reviews. They have continued to release music and tour the country ever since.

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Their new single “Make You Smile” is a perfect blend of pop and country that is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone who hears it. Its impressive to have one powerhouse vocalist in your band, Moonlight Social has two. The call and response style of Scott and Burchard adds a playful game of lyrical catch to the song that the listener can really have fun with. Add that with an anthemia chorus that could hook a stadium, “Make You Smile” is a must for any pop-country fan’s party playlist. With their music being just as infectious as their story, Moonlight Social is sure to entertain people around the world for many years to come. You can follow Moonlight Social on the links below, and you can listen to “Make You Smile” on our Prime Cuts playlists on Spotify and Youtube. Please share this music with everyone you know.

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