Nick Chacon – “Fall on Me, Fall Away”

Nick Chacon is a singer- songwriter, multi instrumentalist, recording engineer, and live looper located in Los Angeles, California. He performed in bands from 2000 – 2011 and established himself as a solo artist in 2009. Chacon is expected to release new music in 2018. He has recently put out a 10 track self-titled album. Nick Chacon’s music is a dreamy blend of punky guitars and 80’s pop with a shoe gaze vibe.


On the track “Fall on Me, Fall Away” he utilizes different guitar tracks to lay a foundation of different tones aligned with his ethereal vocals. The perfect minimalism in the lyrics matches the spacey quality of the instrumentation. The song takes a few different twists and turns, while maintaining the cool vibe that strings it all together. Chacon’s album is full of textured tracks like this, ranging from chill to more upbeat punk songs, all led by his diverse guitar work and mellow yet authoritative vocals. You can listen to “Fall on Me, Fall Away” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Youtube and Spotify and follow Nick Chacon on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Nick Chacon and share this music with everyone you know.

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