Cloak The Scribe – “Diamond Clear”

Cloak the Scribe, formally known as “Da Cloak”, is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Cloak stepped into the music industry in 2004, quickly making a name for himself in Chicago’s legendary hip-hop community with his truthful and charismatic flow cultivating his lyricism through countless hours of songwriting, free styling, participating in rap battles and impromptu ciphers. “When first coming into hip hop I had no idea I would want to speak from a biblical world view.” But after being inspired by a spiritual brother in the faith he began to realize that “God was calling me to be a poet and lyricist.” Cloak released his debut album “Dreams of a Giant” in 2017, featuring the single “Diamond Clear”. Cloak describes the track as “a lyrical barrage, word play, an honest account of who I was and who I am hence the title ‘Diamond Clear’. It’s my hope that through my honesty and transparency that God gets the glory but that I also inspire accountability for ones actions.”


“Diamond Clear” is set up on a beat that is overflowing with bounce and a cool energy. It has the classic boom bap of hip hop drums mixed with looping electronic tones that adds an interesting spacey, almost techno quality. The real driving force of the song is Cloak’s verses. His voice is full of vigor and passion. The control he has with his lyrics, the flawless delivery of his words are a great display of an artist who has mastered his craft. There are themes of faith and morality, but his overall messages are not unlike the original philosophies of hip-hop culture: a feeling of confidence, being the best “you” that you can possibly be, operating yourself and your life at the highest level, with the upmost mental clarity. And listening to his message paired with this upbeat groove produced by Cloud 9, its hard to not walk around feeling confident and “Diamond Clear”. You can listen to “Diamond Clear” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and Youtube and follow Cloak The Scribe on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Cloak and share this music with everyone you know.


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