Tar & Flowers – “Lost”

Tar & Flowers is Taylor Hungerford. Taylor was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. At a young age, his parents relocated to Chatsworth, a small equestrian town on the outer rim of the valley. Chatsworth’s rich western history would affect Taylor in ways he was unaware of. Local trips down to The Cowboy Palace would introduce Taylor to different country artists as well as deepen his love of the west and cowboy culture. This love would influence him to venture out to his cousin’s ranch in Colorado to cowboy for a few summers. Taylor’s experience of the west and western life would make their way into the Tar & Flowers sound. Taylor found a kindred spirit in Wolf Kroeger. Born in the south of France, Wolf’s semi-rural upbringing also occasioned a love of the frontier and open land – a love that would shape and guide their music’s gritty, desert inspired sound. Live, Taylor Hungerford is joined by Wolf Kroeger on bass, composer Ryan Fultz on percussion and composer Michael Ward on guitar and backing vocals. The band has recently released their full-length album “Indian Summer” featuring the track “Lost”.

tar & flowers

“Lost” begins with a soothing and folky acoustic guitar with a fluttering style. The band kicks into an eerie melody that has riffs with a historical sound and tribal inspired percussion. The soundscape is full of different tones from guitars and other stringed instruments backed up by mindfully played bass lines, all creating the colorful foundation for the mellow and soulful lyrics. The song is radiating with spiritual vibes and authentic and original spirit. The instrumentation blends several styles and feelings into one completely realized idea, giving the song its own unique individual personality. You can listen to “Lost” and follow Tar & Flowers on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Tar & Flowers and share this music with everyone you know.

Bandcamp – tarandflowers.bandcamp.com

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