Jai Musiq – “Vacation” (feat. Cash Keldry)

Jai Musiq is an artist from Memphis, Tennessee who has built up a strong following of fans and an impressive catalogue of music since he first got on the music scene in the summer of 2015. He blends hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and blues into his own unique sound that captivates his listeners. Artists like Drake, J.Cole, and Kid Cudi, blending melodic soul with hip-hop style, heavily influence Jai’s music. He released his first project, “The Josh Johnson EP”, in August of 2015 to positive reception, his second release, “Dolan Drive Dreams” in July of 2016, and the track “Patience” on Valentines Day 2018, which we covered HERE. Jai is back with a new track featuring Cash Keldry titled, “Vacation”.

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“Vacation” begins with a chill beat that has island vibes and a dreamy atmosphere. The main hook focuses on Jai’s smooth voice and romantic melody. He shows impressive range and skill with vocal acrobatics stretching up and down the scale. The verses are a blend if speed rapping and melodic phrases that are full of personality. Lyrically they set an optimistic mood with ideas of getting away from it all and enjoying a little escape. In heavy times it’s great to hear a song that has a happy vibe and positive message. The instrumentals mix modern hip-hop beats with a percussive reggae style keyboard loop and spacey tones, perfectly matching the mood of the music with the story of the lyrics. This is a feel good summertime classic that should be on your playlist every year. Once again Jai, along with Keldry, shows his versatile abilities and blends genres to create a style all his own. You can listen to “Vacation” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Jai on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Jai Musiq and Cash Keldry and share this music with everyone you know.


Jai Musiq Twitter – twitter.com/JaiMusiq

Jai Musiq Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/jai-musiq

Cash Keldry Twitter – twitter.com/cashkeldry

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