Corey Kilgannon – “Jacksonville (Acoustic)”

Corey Kilgannon is a Florida based contemporary indie-folk singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist. Born in New York, Kilgannon was raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He began playing guitar at eight and writing songs at 13. He began recording music professionally in 2012 and released his universally acclaimed 5-track album “The Hollow” in 2014. Kilgannon then issued a pair of singles, “Sister III” and “The More We Find (Sister IV),” before releasing a completely self-written Christmas EP entitled “Hark, A Solemn Bell Is Ringing”. Continuing with his prolific musical output, the three-track EP “She Is Blue Sky, I Am Gray” was followed in quick succession by the five-cut “Hospital Hymns EP”, and then the single “God the Meteorologist (Sister V),” and “I’ll Be Here When the Moon Is Tired” EP, featuring his best-known number “The Whale Song”. In May 2018, Kilgannon announced the release of his new album “Soften, Continue (Another B-Sides)”.  The new album is comprised of 20 tracks including reworked songs from his 2017 release, “The Hollow II”, and some that have been previously unreleased.

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One of the tracks on “Soften, Continue” is the acoustic version of the song “Jacksonville”. It starts with a rhythmic guitar and powerful vocals. The phrasing and rhyme scheme has swagger and a cool attitude, leading to a light chord lifting off for a moment before diving back into the main riff. The chorus has an emotional pull and displays Corey’s vocal skills laid out over unique chord progressions. He brings the song to an incredibly soft spot, using the power of simplicity and almost silence to do the talking for him. He then takes his voice and guitar to a potent and expressive bridge section that slows the tempo down and brings the powerful mood up. He dances around the chords and melody before brining it back to a louder, more intense version of the original riff before ending on a gut wrenching vocal note that is over flowing with heart. Lyrically he explores the idea of maybe leaving without saying goodbye, what he would do and how everyone in his life would react. These are sentiments anyone has thought about at one time or another and his honest expression gives his music a personal touch and connection. “Soften, Continue” is full of poignant tracks like this that utilize simplicity and an emotional atmosphere. You can listen to “Jacksonville” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and follow Corey Kilgannon on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Corey and share this music with everyone you know.

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