Monique Barry – “New Eyes”

Monique Barry is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. She has worked hard to become an important pioneer in the independent music scene with her original and personal music. Monique’s goals with her music are to write and perform without imitation, striking musical and emotional notes from the past, present, and future while staying defiantly in the now–which makes her essentially unsolvable, and all the better for it. Always broadening her horizons, Monique recently scored Jonah Greisman’s film Recital in 2016.  She also collaborated with Alex Mine in scoring the 2009 Colin Carter documentary Fight for the Planet and was a guest producer on the Arlene Bishop CD Twenty Four is Twelve Twice or Twenty Four in 2011. She teaches music as well, and has her own line of skin care products, Aunt Bird’s All-Natural Skin Care. She is presently releasing her yet to be named fifth album single by single with the guidance of Michael Phillip Wojewoda.


“New Eyes” is one of Monique’s songs currently streaming on Spotify. “New Eyes” begins with a tight drumbeat driving forward, covered in spacey tones and a bright but ominous feel. The angelic vocals float on top of the music adding a little beauty to its darkness. As the music progresses it steadily tightens up from light and airy to more direct and aggressive. The vocals lead the song to a euphoric peak that blends psychedelic avant-garde style with a percussive dance backbone, while remaining darkly emotional. The way the music seamlessly shifts in tone gradually makes the whole thing flow and leads you from place to place. The dramatic shifts in mood are done subtlety and before you know it you’re in a different space before being effortlessly lead back to familiar territory. You can listen to “New Eyes” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and Youtube and follow Monique Barry on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Monique and share this music with every one you know.

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