Altar Egos – “Mate In Check”

Altar Egos is a four-piece band based in Los Angeles consisting of multi-instrumentalists Jaiq Styne, Brendan Snyder, and Keveen Baudoin. Their music combines elements of pop, krautrock, shoegaze, and noise. Altar Egos have quickly picked up momentum picking up thousands of streams on Spotify and have been featured on several prominent playlists. In 2018 Altar Egos released their debut self titled EP, the single for “Reflections”, and the Han-Su Kim directed music video for their song “Mate In Check”.


“Mate In Check” begins with bright electric guitar lines that mix a sharp attitude with a graceful melody. The band kicks in to the infectiously solid groove that steadily marches forward while the bass melodically bounces along the established guitar parts. They mix spacey tones and quirkiness with straightforward songwriting. The vocals are loaded with personality and style, backed up by beautiful harmonies tugging at the emotions of the piece. They musically dip down into a wonderfully strange section before brining it back into the main verse. The instrumentation does an excellent job of yo-yoing the listener through different moods and tones while keeping a coherent musical idea. They slow it down and take it to space with an airy and ominous breakdown that creates a gigantic sound while remaining cool and mellow. The music is full of peaks and vibrant moments, and then dramatically clicking back into the familiar tune we have grown to love over the course of this experience. This track shows a band that can bring their sound to strange and interesting places while keeping their clever songwriting together. You can listen to “Mate In Check” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Altar Egos on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Altar Egos and share this music with everyone you know.

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