Famished for Blonds – “Ziggurat”

Famished for Blonds is an independent experimental electronic music duo that has been making music together since the summer of 2017. The band is Matthew Green and David Hiley. Their influences are David Bowie, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Krafwerk, DEVO and many more artists from that genre. They are a completely independent band who are not presently playing any live shows, but they have been hard at work in the studio doing around a dozen demos and spending the time to hone their skills and develop their sound. Famished for Blonds has several tracks currently streaming on their Soundcloud page, one of which is titled “Ziggurat”.


“Ziggurat” begins with quirky and ominous tones arpeggiated to establish a rhythm and layered over each other in a seamless pattern. The lead synth tones are bright and demand attention, filling you with a sense of ecstasy. The beat drops and the song is kicked into a steady and powerful groove led by a fuzzy electronic lead vocals. The phrasing is very precise and melodically hits right where it needs to. All of the separate tones from the intro are locked into their sequence perfectly offsetting each other and finding a sense of mathematical balance. The song takes many turns in tone and mood between energetic and straight forward to spacey and psychedelic, utilizing the difference to create commanding dramatic moments. All the while the beat pushes the song along with vigor and gives their unique sound a classic dance music feel. You can listen to “Ziggurat” and follow Famished for Blonds on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Famished for Blonds and share this music with everyone you know.


Twitter – twitter.com/Famished4Blonds

Facebook – facebook.com/FamishedForBlonds

Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/user-937752347

Youtube – youtube.com/channel/UCMQp7hI0vB463tckq6tpKXA

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