Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION – “Kill for You”

Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION is a heavy blues-rock trio from Ontario, Canada. The trio consists of Wicked Angel guitarist/vocalist Jeffrey David (JD), hard-hitting drummer Brett Lajoie, and creative bassist Joe “Unkle Joey” Briffa. After touring and recording extensively with Wicked Angel throughout the 80s and 90s, JD devoted his skills full-time to a new blues driven project in 2008 that would become BLUES CONNECTION. 2008 saw the release of JDBC’s debut double CD “Long Time Comin’/Heavy Effin’ Blues”. “My 2008 debut is a double length indie release,” states JD. “I wanted a decent recording to shop to labels, but also something we could send out to some radio stations and podcasts. I know it’s been played in a number of countries now, and the feedback has been great.” JD also put out a solo CD in July 2017 titled “Lone Blues” as well as the 10thanniversary reissue of “Heavy Effin’ Blues” the following year. The newest release from Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION is the album “Blues My Way” digitally released worldwide in February of 2018. One of the tracks on “Blues My Way” is the ultra heavy “Kill For You”.


“Kill For You” begins with a dark descending riff that lands in the songs bluesy groove. The guitars bring a grungy vibe to the classic sound and pull the song into a psychedelic headspace while the bass and drums hold down the powerful rhythm. The chord changes follow a traditional blues pattern while also giving it a unique spin and taking different turns along the way. The relentless bass lines are all over the place, melodically bouncing throughout the song showing Briffa’s never ending creativity in coming up with new runs and riffs. Lajoie’s drumming gives the song a gigantic sound with crashing cymbals and thundering fills. The rhythm section takes the familiar tricks from blues music and gives it their own personal spin and adds a massive amount of badass flavor. This is the foundation laid under JD’s explosive guitar lines that constantly peak with howling tones and aggressive attitude. The verse riffs punch in all the right spots, accenting the potent feeling behind the beat with a blend of dark and funky. Vocally, JD has a strong voice that clearly delivers his lyrics and story of dedication to protecting what you love. It is a refreshing display of strength in a song that talks about love. JDBC takes all of the best ingredients from different era’s of rock music and blends them into their own completely unique sound, infusing a familiar style of songwriting with edgier tones creating their own forceful brand of hard-hitting blues. You can listen to “Kill For You” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and YouTube and follow Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION and share this music with everyone you know.

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