Joey Salvia – “My Son”

Joe Salvia is a Brooklyn born songwriter, musician, and radio/podcast producer. He has commercially released over 10 albums and performs solo acoustic shows as well as handling bass and vocal duties with various bands in the DFW area. Salvia has also spent over ten thousand hours behind a mic and soundboard doing voice over work, commercials, and production for radio and podcasts. His audio production and voice-over work can be heard nationwide on Cumulus Media/Westwood One stations and shows every day (including the popular Opie Radio Podcast). In July of 2018 Joey released a 5-track album titled “Family Matters” across several streaming platforms. Salvia says this is “…a project close to my heart… with songs about family, fatherhood, love, relationships, and memories of childhood. I was fortunate to have the very talented Nick Bertling produce this effort, and my old band mate and dear friend, Andy Bopp produced the final track. There’s a song dedicated to Roman Coda (9), “My Son” who’s drawing is the cover art for Family Matters.”


The song “My Son” wastes no time, beginning with moving piano chords and a soulful unique voice. The melody moves in dramatic directions and when the progression makes it’s way around the full band kicks in. The steady drums and bouncing bass lines give the song a poppy rhythm that the song can strongly build on and adds a classic flavor. As he leads into the chorus, more and more instrumental layers are added creating a giant sound that pushes this anthem over the top. Lyrically, Salvia gives touching messages to his son about what to expect in life and passes on lessons to help him along the way. It’s a tear jerking dedication about fatherhood that is perfectly matched with the poignant music behind the message. Electric guitars aggressively hit the melody and harmonize to a peak ending, beautifully capping off a perfectly executed track that has both melodically flowing sections and a strong rhythmic backbone you can hang your hat on. The subject matter is close to Joey’s heart, so when he sings the words and plays the chords, there is a real human emotion behind it which is what all great art should have. You can listen to “My Son” and follow Joey Salvia on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Joey and share this music with everyone you know.

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