KAY BEE & KZYBOOST – “We Came 2 Bring You Da Funk”

KAY BEE & KZYBOOST are an American-Japanese Duo who have been releasing groovy and powerful modern funk singles for several months. They are ready to drop their first LP “We Came 2 Bring You Da Funk” on the underground funk label, The Sleepers RecordZ. The album includes special collaborations with great artists like Dr. Evo playing the Synth Bass & Bass Guitar for “Feel Da Funk”, the Awesome Voice of Moniquea in “Good Time” and the unmistakable Talkbox Sound and the Voice of Fingazz for “Cruise Control” and his Guitars on “I Keep It Funky”. The Duo blends styles and sounds from their respective cultures, the real sound and influence of West Coast Music typical of LA and the spicy Japanese Funk touch coming from Osaka, to create a new and uniquely modernized version of funk music.


The first track, “Keep It Funky” is an energy driven groove led by a splashy bass backed up with sharp rhythmic guitar and full of trippy tones and vocal melodies that add to the colorful soundscape. “I Keep It Funky” has an attitude and tight pop that gives their classic funk style a harder edge, the chord changes and melodic shifts ad a dramatic quality to the straightforward bounce. “Good Time” is a mellow party anthem that showcases the soulful vocal talents of Moniquea. Its cool atmosphere and sensual flavor keep you grooving in the pocket from beginning to end, catching everyone on the smooth vocal hooks and memorable lyrics. “Walking This Way” snaps back into the tight and percussive patterns with solid drums and funky synth tones laying the backdrop for the fuzzy talk box vocals that are oozing with style. The title track “We Came 2 Bring You Da Funk” immediately starts with a feel good vibe and larger than life sound that massages the soul and moves the body. The melody is glowing with positive energy and the best intentions of connecting everybody through this music. “Boost Light” has a darker and quirky energy that finds its place in a cool and deep pocket that’s layered with eerie tones and moving rhythms, backing up the catchy vocal riffs. “Cruise Control” is a smooth a steady track that features the classic funk sound led by the impressive vocal qualities of Fingazz. The talk box phrases hit you right in the heart while the bass and drums drive along like clockwork. The album closes with the spacey and soulful “What You Got”. The drums keep the song popping with the bass bounces throughout the melody. Synths and voices dance around on top of the beat to give the song its personality, showing how well versed the duo is at layering their instrumentals together to all work together as one perfect sound. You can listen to “We Came 2 Bring You Da Funk” and follow KAY BEE & KZYBOOST on the links below. Please continue to support artists like KAY BEE & KZYBOOST and share this music with everyone you know.

Download buy link: https://thesleepersrecordz.bandcamp.com/album/we-came-2-bring-you-da-funk
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