City of Union – “Hands & Feet”

City of Union is Matthew Campbell, a twenty something-year-old from Missouri, who grew up listening to The Beach Boys and singing in classic rock cover bands. But it wasn’t until he reinvented himself, as a young man living in Wellington, New Zealand that he became known as City of Union. Recently releasing his first full EP Birds of Paradise, Campbell has established himself as an artist to watch with glowing features in national and international publications and previous tours across the USA New Zealand, and Australia. Miguel Costa from Music Connection describes City of Union as a “solo artist in the vein of Beck, and also a performer whose honest feel pulls on your heart strings, as if he were Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.”Mitch Mosk from Atwood Magazine stated,“Birds of Paradise is bold, dramatic and bashful, heartfelt and intimate, euphoric and brooding. It wears many colors, each as exciting as the last.” City of Union is back with his latest single “Hands & Feet” released in September 2018.


“Hands & Feet” begins with a dramatic acoustic guitar that brings comfort in its simple melody with harmonic tones backing it up to accent certain points. The guitar settles in as Campbell’s emotive and mellow vocals begin lyrically setting the scene. The song’s beauty is in its simplicity, the blend of the chords and the vocals is both heart wrenching and peaceful. As the track progresses, more and more vocal harmonies and musical tones are added giving a sense of growth and progression. There is a subtle display of technical guitar skills in the licks and simple acoustic lines throughout. The lyrics are personal in their phrases and ideas surrounding friendship and the people in Campbell’s life, but they are also open enough that anyone can find their own individual meaning. The song rides into a higher energy and the guitar begins strumming harder as the vocals peak with a refrain and it’s unifying messages. “Hands & Feet” smoothly drives between different emotions and moods. The stories told make you feel like you’ve been on a journey with the characters in the song. It is a heartfelt tribute delivered with strong musical intellect. You can listen to “Hands & Feet” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Youtube and follow City of Union on the links below. Please continue to support artists like City of Union and share this music with everyone you know.

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