Dave Tamkin – “Live at eTown”

Dave Tamkin is a singer/songwriter currently based in Boulder, Colorado. He has created his own unique style of rhythmic-acoustic sounds. His shows vary from intimate solo acoustic performances to a full band experience (dBsound.Co) encapsulating a mixture of personal lyrics and skilled songwriting set against a high-energy percussive backbone. He’s shared the stage with Guster, The Samples, Brendan James, Rusted Root, Donavon Frankenreiter, Butch Walker, Freddy Jones Band, Eric Hutchinson, Willy Porter, The Violent Femmes, Peter Mulvey, and many more. In October of 2018, Tamkin released the EP “Live at eTown” recorded live at eTown Hall in Boulder. To support the album he is currently on tour all over the Midwest through the month of November.


The first track on “Live at eTown”, “Bleeding Orange”, begins with rhythmic guitar that has an emotional and somewhat spooky atmosphere. The track steadily gains momentum and reaches a powerful energy, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. “Demons and You” has a funky groove that lays a foundation for the touching melody and impassioned vocal performance. Tamkin shows off his technical guitar chops in the beginning of “Fly Me” before settling into the bouncy melody. He knows when to keep it simple to give the music more power in its quiet moments. The tone shifts to a more serious flavor while his acoustic guitar sparks with energetic notes. “Drift” has a punchy quality that subtly drives forward as his smooth vocals lead the way. The contrast between the quiet verses and the explosive chorus show the songwriters ability to play with musical dynamics. He returns to a heavenly vibe with “Mary” and emotional story telling song that has characteristics of classic Americana blended with Tamkin’s own personal style. He layers guitars with ethereal tones that add aggressiveness to the soft beauty of the song. The guitar on “Tuesday” returns to the percussive style, adding a popping rhythm to the poignant vocals, there is also a stunning harmonica solo that gives the song an authentic folk feel. “Thoughts Up Here” kicks up the intensity with a high energy guitar plucking away in a minor key. The song grabs you and takes you on a forceful journey with the guitars becoming more experimental and bringing the sound to a new world. The “Live at eTown” EP is full of personal lyrics, displays of technical instrumentation and an original product delivered with honesty and purity. You can listen to “Live at eTown” and follow Dave Tamkin on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Dave and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – www.davetamkin.com

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