The New Rockwells – “If I Could”

The New Rockwells are an eclectic folk-rock duo based out of Boston, Massachusetts and New York City. The band is the lovechild of folk-rocker Marty Boyle and jazzman Ben Muller. This barnstorming duo performs a style of rock all their own – a blending of folk, classic rock, blues, and jazz into a completely unique sound. Following their debut album “Live From Carnegie Hall”, The New Rockwells released the 8-track studio album “Old Familiar Way” in October of 2018. “We’re always seeking to capture the energy of our live performances when we’re in the studio, and with this release I think we’ve accomplished that,” says Marty Boyle. “We left the constraints of ‘play it only like we can live’ at the door and allowed the full force of our creative intuition to take control.” Ben Muller adds, “This album is a labor of love and collaboration…Marty and I co-wrote every song and devised much fuller and varied arrangements than we’ve had in the past. This is the new The New Rockwells.”

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The second track on “Old Familiar Way” is the upbeat and stylish “If I Could”. The song begins with a jazzy electric keyboard that is then joined by the full band. The shuffling drums and rhythmic bass give the song a nice bounce while acoustic guitars lead the melody. The vocals have a folky vibe and a cool swagger with the way the lyrics attach to the beat. The song has an optimistic and fun tone while smoothly going through the sections with a cool attitude. The chorus has a high-energy hook with a percussive melody you can help but sing along to. Instrumental breakdowns show the technical skills of the band and their ability to blend genres while maintaining one cohesive, original sound. You can listen to “If I Could” and follow The New Rockwells on the links below. Please continue to support artists like The New Rockwells and share this music with everyone you know.

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