Spectral Herring – “Hold Me Down”

Spectral Herring is the solo project of Dan Irving. Dan is a Raleigh, North Carolina based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has been writing music for 7 years. He is currently in two other bands also based in North Carolina, The Dreamhouses and The Dead BedroomsSpectral Herring was started in summer of 2015 with the release of the debut album “Sunset Out Of Mind”. This being a very DIY project, Dan is the sole writer, performer, and producer in all music released so far under the Spectral Herring name. 2018 saw the release of the album “Adrift Ahead” featuring the track “Hold Me Down”


“Hold Me Down” begins with rhythmic plucking of an electric guitar over earthy tones, setting a peaceful and curious atmosphere. More layers are gradually added while the songs sound grows. The vocals are unique and full of passion and personality, delivering relatable lyrics with euphoric harmonies. The rhythm of the song continues to patiently grow as more and more instrumentation is added and the spirit of the song rises higher and higher. The over lapping guitar loops create bright and soulful peaks while the vocals stream a tribal melody throughout the rotations. The giant sound that grew out of one simple guitar line shows the power of several simple pieces working together to create one massive distinctive sound. You can listen to “Hold Me Down” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Spectral Herring on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Spectral Herring and share this music with everyone you know.

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