John McCabe – “Every Night”

John McCabe is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist from California who has been writing, performing and producing original music for nearly a decade. We have featured John’s work before with his tracks “April”, “Careless Noise”, and “Winter”. He is back with a new single titled “Every Night”. “‘Every Night’ is a reflection on growing up in the late 70’s / early ’80s; Archie Bunker’s favorite chair had been replaced by the ever present more modern La-Z-Boy recliner, fathers ruling the roost primarily through gentle fear.  Follow the straight and narrow path. Step outside the path and ‘that’ll never work, and I wouldn’t do that if I were you’ could be heard as the best advise possible. That phrase ended up as the pre-chorus for this tune.” This track was recorded in McCabe’s home studio and released on Shelf Talker Music. “While I continue to produce these singles like “Every Night” on my home studio rig, I am in mid-stream on another 5 Song EP…  as a follow up to the 2017 EP “Flower Circle”.  I am working with the same team for the new EP; John Kimbrough (Producer, bass, slide guitar, percussion, key), Jay Skowronek (Drums) at Janky East Studios (Los Angeles).” They are currently on target for a March/ April release.

20181127 every night demo cover

“Every Night” kicks in to full gear right off the bat with the full band coming out of the gate with a full and melodic sound. There is the instant recognition of McCabe’s vocal style, mellow and passionate with a unique tone. The music mixes an alternative indie rock flavor with a country twang on top of strong drums and driving acoustic chords. The melody has interesting and dramatic shifts in tone, from a thoughtful cadence to an optimistic and happy sounding chorus. The lyrics read as autobiographical, telling a personal story while being relatable. The steady flow of the song never lets up while they travel through instrumental refrains and guitar solos showing the laid back technical skills of the band along with a solid, clean production crackling with dynamic energy. You can listen to “Every Night” and follow John McCabe on the links below. Please continue to support artists like John and share this music with everyone you know.

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