Jon Roniger and The Good For Nothin’ Band – “My World”

Jon Roniger & The Good For Nothin’ Band are a 5-piece out of New Orleans that sees songwriter Jon Roniger joining forces with Adam Everett, Evan Paydon, Jonathan Bauer and Ellis Seiberling. The band has gotten a name for themselves in the New Orleans music scene for their crafty songwriting and exciting live shows. They just released a new song and music video “My World” remarking on Roniger’s life, addiction, and recovery. The music video comes just weeks before their 12 date European tour that will take the band through major cities in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

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“My World” begins with a loose beat and punchy percussive horns that lays down a mysterious vibe before the full band kicks in to a beautifully melodic movement leading into the first verse. The autobiographical lyrics tell the story of someone trying to work with the hand life dealt them, and finding an easy solution in self-medication. The music is a lighthearted feel to it with some ska/reggae influences, giving a little levity to the subject matter. It makes the story more of a hopeful one, from the point of view of someone who got themselves to a better place and can look back positively on the somewhat bumpy road that got them there.


The instrumentation is perfectly layered with each moving part complimenting each other and taking the song through different sections of funky groves to epic peaks. The track really highlights the bands musical chops. The video for “My World” contains images that look very familiar to a lot of people who have lived a similar life, alternating with footage of the band recording the track in Butcher Studios in New Orleans. Its an interesting perspective to see the whole story from its roots in childhood, through the turmoil of addiction, getting past it and ending with us in a studio watching someone turn those experiences into art. You can listen to “My World” and watch the video on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Jon Roniger and The Good For Nothin’ Band on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Jon Roniger and The Good For Nothin’ Band and share this music with everyone you know.

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