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Apache Grosse is a rising R&B artists based out of Chicago, Illinois who has quickly made a name for himself with his steady output of stylish and high quality work. Grosse has released videos for his acclaimed tracks “Brooklyn Girl” and “POSION” as well as the 6-track album “After Her”. November 2018 saw the release of the song “Everything Is Paid For”, produced by Chicago duo Claude De Money. In October 2019 Apache released his latest single and video for the blues based track “Chains”.


“Chains” is a slight departure from Grosse’s previous work, veering away from the R&B style and letting the music take him in a different direction. “The weekend vibe is only a small part of who I am but for a long time I was letting that part dictate my persona and the music I make.” The origins of the track come from Apache and a friend having fun in the studio while recording another song, but along with collaborator John Marino, they later revisited the idea and created a sound that focuses more on the fundamentals of music production and not so much the electronic elements. “My life has changed a lot since I started producing music and I want to make sure that my music changes with me”.

“Chains” gets right into it with a cool groove that has classic sounding guitars and smooth basslines bouncing along with the beat. There are elements of funk and soul that give the track a passionate feeling that instantly connects with you. The band plays with dynamics as they introduce the vocals with quick stops, showcasing the power of silence. The lyrics portray the overwhelming desire and pain that comes with love, and Apache’s vocal performance shows that the truth behind these messages is undeniable. The instrumentation is led by a dramatic and bluesy guitar that slides riffs and notes into all the right places while the smooth rhythm section lays down a rock solid beat and groove, perfectly matching the tone of the story being told with the lyrics. There are hints of hip hop elements in the lyrical phrasing in the second verse, but with a honesty that shows the artist pulling back the curtains and showing raw vulnerability. Every part of him is emphatically driven towards the object of his desire. The chorus has a catchy melody and lyrics that anyone who’s ever been in love can connect with. The instrumental section drive toward a hard rock sound with gigantic drums and soaring guitars. The gritty and painful tones are matched with Apache’s classy style brought in from the R&B world. This is a powerful track that showcases an artist approaching songwriting from a different angle and a story that clearly comes from a deep and personal place.

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The accompanying video, (due for release October 25th) was created by Pogi Studios and features Apache’s real life love Kara Hanretty. It is a classy visualization that leans on clean lighting and choreography to unfold the thematic elements of the song. The tension and heartache created with Apache tied to the chair juxtaposes the catharsis felt when they dance after she releases him from his confinement. We see the transition from torture, to ecstasy, and back to confused submission. It’s a conflict with no resolution, and Apache is hopelessly confused by the jolts of pleasure and pain. You can listen to “Chains” on our Prime Cuts Playlists and follow Apache Grosse on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Apache and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – apachegrosse.com

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