Blackjack Love – “Electric Light”

Blackjack Love is a three-piece rock band from Woking, England. The band is the brainchild of Azza, former singer/songwriter/leadguitarist of The Brompton Mix. Together with MJC on drums/percussion and Sam M on bass, they make Blackjack Love. The bands influence comes from a mix of the groove infused desert rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age and classic heavy blues rock bands like Led Zeppelin blended with some soulful Motown vibes. Blackjack Love’s debut 11-track album, “Bullets & Blues”, was recorded partly at Sound City in LA, Poolhouse Studios in Woking and The Animal Farm in Bermondsey.

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One of the stand out singles from “Bullets & Blues” is the super cool “Electric Light”. The song starts out with a muddy guitar riff setting the tempo, then joined by a groovy and percussive drumbeat and sludgy bluesy bass line to thicken it up. The song has classic stoner rock appeal with its swagger and mellow intensity. The vocals have a mellow confidence and moody atmosphere that perfectly matches the tone of the music, interjected with soulful guitar licks and splashy drum fills. The steady tight groove of the verses is released into a giant sound for a quick moment then brought back down to the tight riff the song is centered around. The unbelievable fuzzy guitar solo beautifully rides the line between traditional guitar playing and chaotic madness, witch is what good rock n roll should be. The video for “Electric Light” was filmed & edited by P. Sedazzari. It perfectly matches the vibe of the song with its super cool and mysterious tone, matching up the lights with musical cues and showcasing the bands style. This track is full of attitude and a smooth confidence that takes inspiration from legendary rock n roll while delivering the sound with a unique style and personality. You can listen to “Electric Light” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Blackjack Love on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Blackjack Love and share this music with everyone you know.

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