Wachman – “All I Need”

Wachman is an Orange County native who creates an honest and authentic style of music connecting classic singer/songwriter with soulful vibes. He is a Berklee College of Music graduate and has released a solid body of work in the last few years. “I remember growing up with my parents playing the ‘oldies radio station’ around the house. I found myself drawn to artists like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John. Although I didn’t realize it at that time, I had an infatuation with the combination of pop and soul/blues that grew to have a strong influence on me as an artist,” says Wachman. “Nowadays I gravitate towards artists like John Mayer, John Legend and more recently John Splithoff, Bruno Major, and Allen Stone.” 


Wachman released 9 tracks in sets of 3 in the beginning of 2018 titling his collections: “Six String Stories,” “Love/Lack Thereof,” and “Indigo.” He is now releasing monthly singles in preparation for his album “Unamused”. One of the stand out track on “Love/Lack Thereof” is the soulful “All I Need”.


“All I Need” begins with a beautifully melodic and rhythmic acoustic guitar. The vocals are full of emotion and raw honesty, and tell a deeply personal story. The beat drops with a catchy vocal melody that leads into the main hook, the bottom drops out and the song takes a heavenly turn into the gigantic sound of the chorus. The song mixes a foundation of simple acoustic singer/songwriter with a highly produced pop flavor that takes it to the next level. Wachman’s vocals have a classic poignant feeling to them while attaching to the beat in a unique style giving him his own individual voice, showcasing range and skill throughout the different sections of the track. The instrumentation grows with string sections and thunderous drums, creating an epic and powerful journey that reaches an incredibly poignant peak while the singer confesses his love for the object of his affection. Every piece of the song is conveyed with a real purpose that gives it an inescapable emotional power, and makes it a true and raw human experience. “I write for myself, but I release music to connect with others,” Wachman emphasizes. “Take a listen.” You can listen to “All I Need” on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Spotify and Youtube and follow Wachman on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Wachman and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – wachmansworld.com

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