Justin Fancy – “Long Time Comin'”

Justin Fancy is a Canadian indie/country artist whos love for music and performing was cultivated at a young age. The Newfoundland native’s major musical influences lay primarily in country and western with artists like Merle Haggard, George Jones, The Eagles, and Alan Jackson. In 2008 Fancy landed a spot in Canadian Idol’s top 200, and by the end of the year was a staple in Newfoundland’s pub scene. When he landed a contract to perform on the Marine Atlantic Ferry in 2010, he met Gord Cormier, a music industry veteran who was kind enough to take Justin under his wing. Fancy has also been involved in several successful musical groups including Caught in the Act and Eastern Passage. Both of these groups spent time touring Newfoundland and saw extensive radio play. His latest venture sees the artist focusing on his first solo country album, comprised of original music and compositions. The debut single just released to country radio is the song “Long Time Comin’”.


“Long Time Comin’” begins with a gigantic sound full of ripping guitars, melodic bass and powerful drums. The music mellows out for the first verse while Justin’s strong vocals tell his personal story. He paints a picture of the things he’s been through that brought him to where he is now, reflecting on his past experiences and being thankful for all that he’s learned. The title phrase repeats with a catchy melody that instantly sticks with you and the music kicks it into high gear with a chorus that blends a country backbone with the excitement of a power pop hit. There is an moving bridge where the chords take an emotive turn and the drums slow down to create a mini ballad inside the rockin’ tune, then the band smoothly transitions back into the verse really rounding out the song with a clever structure.


While Justin is writing about his experiences, anyone can hear this song and connect to its story, especially when it’s told in such a fun way. The ending of the song sounds like a giant musical celebration. The production and execution of the track shows that Justin has top tier chops and professional style while keeping a fun rock n’ roll vibe. The video for “Long Time Comin’” matches the personal tone of the song and gives you a glimpse into the life Justin is singing about.

You can listen to “Long Time Comin’” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Justin Fancy on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Justin and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – justinfancymusic.ca/

Facebook – facebook.com/justinfancymusic

Twitter – twitter.com/justinfancy

Instagram – instagram.com/justinfancymusic

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