Haneke Twins – “River”

Haneke Twins is a post-punk revival band consisting of Paschalis Vichoudis on vocals and bass guitar, and guitarist Stefanos Leontsinis. Longtime friends, work colleagues and old bandmates, the two CERN scientists — originally from Greece, based in Switzerland — formed Haneke Twins and record their first EP in 2018. Early in 2020 Heneke Twins released a brand new 2-track single, precursor of their upcoming album expected to be out later this year. One of those tracks is the super cool “River”.


“River” begins with sharp, spacey, melodic guitar line that has just the right amount of simplicity. The full band kicks in with energetic drums and a driving baseline while the layers of guitars paint a dramatic landscape of sound, the song has some sludge to add a dirty rock n roll vibe to the beautiful instrumental arrangement. The vocals have a deep and haunting style, delivering every lyric with purpose and conviction. There is a very cool and confident mellowness to the track, it keeps the momentum going while maintaining a chill attitude. The chorus has some layers of sythns and gigantic sounding guitars that give it an epic 80’s new wave feel, blending nicely with the gritty punk style of the rest of the track. While the music and lyrics were written by by Leontsinis & Vichoudis, for this song Haneke Twins were joined by Ioannis Koukovinis on additional guitars, Athanasios Kyritsis on bass and Michael Schenk on drums. The track was recorded at Dudu Loft studio, Athens, Greece in autumn 2019. Mixed, mastered and produced by Costas Verigas. It’s an extremely well written song that has a cool style and feeling the whole way through, showing that well layered instrumentation and clever melodies can be very effective in achieving a massive sound. You can listen to “River” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow Haneke Twins on the links below. Please continue to support artists like Haneke Twins and share this music with everyone you know.

Official Website – haneketwins.com

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