FM Thread – “Evergreen” EP

FM Thread is an indie-folk duo based out of Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Matthew Campbell: a mountain man from small town Missouri, and Floyd Graham: a bush boy from the New South Wales outback. They are a self-proclaimed “duo of pretty man-folk who have enough hair to fashion a rope swing.” Matthew handles the vocals and is supported by Floyd’s heavenly acoustic guitar picking. On February 14, 2020, FM Thread released their debut 4-track EP, “Evergreen”.

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The “Evergreen” EP begins with the peaceful and emotional “Highways”. From the first notes you can tell the tone and feel they are going for is delivered with precise guitar playing and simple but effective melodies. Matthew’s voice has a soft but powerful presence, confident enough to be mellow while still having a genuine passion behind every word. Subtle and tasteful vocal harmonies add so much to the beautiful melody and show how much can be done with simple well placed layers. The next track “Higher” has a steady beat with a jazzy influence in the guitar chords. The tone is a little sharper and darker, cool lyrical phrasing paints a dense picture. The chorus has an interesting and thought provoking style, lifting up briefly before settling back into the smooth groove of the verse. “Wildfire” leaves a ton of space between its folky tones, space taken up with the solid and emotive vocals. Lyrically, the duo tells detailed stories with perfectly placed expressions, leaving enough to the imagination to remain poetic. The chorus to “Wildlife” shows Matthew taking his voice up to the next level, momentarily leaving behind the quiet and reserved style he has used so far. Graham’s light and rhythmic guitar chords bring the music to a heavenly place, he takes command and brings the song thought all of it’s changes and different styles. The final track is the super cool “When We Were Young”. The guitar has a deep bass none that gives it a meditative pattern, taking it into a poppy and beautiful structure for the chorus. The section at the end of the song creates a trippy and psychedelic soundscape that takes your mind to another level. This duo shows how much can be done when you simply take an acoustic guitar, a passionate voice, and put true, honest meaning behind it.

You and stream “Evergreen” and follow FM Thread on the links below. You can also listen to “When We Were Young” on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube. Please continue supporting artists like FM Thread and share this music with everyone you know.

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