Conrad Ashton – ‘Like No One Else Do’

Conrad Ashton is a singer/songwriter from Spennymoor County Durham who creates his own brand of true to life dance rock. Inspired by artists like The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Elvis, Conrad shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. A constant student of music, he keeps a steady focus on designing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relatable for every song he writes. The melodies, rhythms, and layers of his sound highlight current rock influences while giving a respectful nod to the decades and artists of the past. Falling into a genre he likes to call beyond basic rock and roll, Conrad Ashton balances the importance of the music and lyrics with poetry in motion performing to create his desired result for every tune. After Ashton’s release of single ‘Time’, he is releasing a full acoustic set of songs as an EP ‘No Post On Sundays’ on August 7th, 2020.


About the EP, Conrad says ‘Push the boat out and see what happens, the songs are really from my life experiences and I chucked in an acoustic version of ‘Time’ for good measure. My plans are to ideally release it in August to keep the momentum of this single going.’ The first track on ‘No Post On Sundays’ is called ‘Like No One Else Do’.

The song begins with a high-energy acoustic guitar and Ashton’s passionate and classic voice. There is an instant connection with the personality of the song, the raw honesty and emotion Conrad pours into every line. The songwriting style mixes a little traditional folk with an upbeat pop vibe that creates a fun atmosphere that achieves being an emotional ballad that is also a great deal of fun. The energy never lets up through the whole song, it’s invigorating and interesting, guitar chords steadily moving around to tell a rich story. You can find out more about Conrad, on the link below. Please continue to support artists like Conrad and share this music with everyone you know.


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