The Ändå – ‘You’

Despite pandemics and pestilence The Ändå is back. The Ändå is a Swedish electronic disco punk group who has brought their philosophy and music into the new decade. The band consists of Captain K. Gasleben, Anna Öberg, and Zac O’Yeah. Each member has an extensive resume and history in the music industry throughout the years as composers, producers and performers, all finding great success along the way. The Ändå was formed in 2010 and they describe it as “the world’s first holistic orchestra with a certified philosophy of kindness that combines colourful living (as depicted in their idiosyncratic videos) with music that sounds idiotic but nice at the same time… and a depth of soul that’s been missing in the world since the 1960s approximately. They also have IQs.”


In February they released the song ‘Friend’ to great success. The Ändå stayed busy during the quarantine, producing their latest movie which incorporates important lessons about social distancing, the risks and benefits of quarantine and various other relevant issues, to accompany their brand new superhit melody ‘You’.


‘You’ begins with an upbeat drum track covered it sparkly synth tones. The mellow vocals give it a mysterious vibe while the electronics drive the sound forward. Melodic layers give the beat depth and take the sound in different directions. The playful video features members of the band using an air pump to inflate the world around them, utilizing special effects to tell their story. ‘You’ is a very cool, fun, and uplifting song that brings a light and whimsical vibe into these strange times. You can listen to ‘You’ on our Prime Cuts Playlist on Youtube and follow The Ändå on the links below. Please continue to support artists like The Ändå and share this music with everyone you know.

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