John Lensing – ‘Talk To Me’

John Lensing is a folk/pop artist from Denver, Colorado who has been hailed as “an artist to watch” by No DepressionMuch of Lensing’s writing stems from topics of mental health, and his latest release ‘Talk To Me’ continues in that vein. “This song is about communication. A lot of the choruses are reminders to myself.  The things you have to push through to keep trying,” says Lensing. “Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that everything takes time. I think a lot of people struggle with that idea.” On September 21, 2020, ‘Talk To Me’ was released on all streaming platforms.

‘Talk To Me’ begins with dreamy soundscape of effects and suddenly strips down to the simplicity of Lensing’s vocals and guitar. An ultra cool beat drops behind the chords to create a powerful rhythm. Utilizing creative production, John builds a wide landscape of sounds with traditional acoustic folky songwriting and ethereal electronic tones. His lyrics are honest, personal and moving. Each line is delivered with heart and quiet passion; it feels like someone truly working hard to communicate with his audience. The song has a cool mellow groove as the foundation for the epic and poignant instrumentation that is built up with several simple melodic lines and pieces. The song seamlessly changes between airy and reflective vibes right into an intense and grand chorus that showcases the dynamics in Lensing’s writing. You can listen to ‘Talk To Me’ on our Prime Cuts Playlists on Spotify and Youtube and follow John Lensing on the links below. Please continue to support artists like John and share this music with everyone you know. 

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